Indonesian Next Generation Journalist Network on Korea 2021


1. “Enhancing Indonesia-South Korea Partnership under the New Southern Policy Plus Framework” – Speaker: Prof. Wongi Choe, Professor and Head of the Center for ASEAN–India Studies at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA) and Dr. Santo Darmosumarto, Director for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. “Korea’s Efforts to Address Climate Change and Agenda for Korea-Indonesia Climate Cooperation” – Speaker: Dr. Suh-Yong Chung, Director of Center for Climate and Sustainable Development Law and Policy (CSDLAP).

3. “Korea-Indonesia Marine Science Cooperation and Its Future” – Speaker: Dr. Hansan Park, Co-Director of the Korea-Indonesia Marine Technology Cooperation Research Center (MTCRC) and Principal Researcher at the Ocean Policy Institute in the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST).

4. “Sustainable Waste Management toward Circular Economy Society in Korea” – Speaker: Dr. Sheung-Whee Rhee, Professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering, Kyonggi University and President of Korea Basel Forum.

5. “Hallyu and Its Impact on Korea’s Cultural Diplomacy” – Speaker: Prof. Andrew Eungi Kim, Professor in the Division of International Studies and Director of the International Education and Research Center for Global Cultural Studies at Korea University.

6. “How Has Korea’s Modern History Shaped Its Contemporary Foreign Relations” – Speaker: Dr. Woo Jung-Yeop, Research Fellow at The Sejong Institute.


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