Selected Journalist

Ahmad Faiz Ibnu Sani

Tempo Inti Media

Dita Angga Rusiana

Feni Freycinetia Fitriani

Bisnis Indonesia

Firsty Hestyarini

Rakyat Merdeka Daily

Hadijah Alaydrus

CNBC Indonesia

Hana Septiana

Iit Septyaningsih


Larasati Dyah Utami


Marcheilla Ariesta Putri Hanggoro

Maria Fatimah Natalia

Nadia Jovita Injilia Riso


Natisha Andarningtyas

LKBN Antara

Sonya Michaella

IDN Times

Teddy Tri Setio Berty

Topics of Discussion

  1. Foreign Policy Strategies under the New President Yoon Seok-yeol
  2. Economic Cooperation
  3. Digital Transformation (ICT)
  4. Climate Change and Renewable Energy 
  5. Defense Cooperation
  6. Socio-cultural Cooperation

Program Activity

  1. Education and Capacity Building: under this program, journalists will hear deep insights and gain knowledge from the experts, policymakers or practitioners. Journalist will get to know the most-updated development on certain issues and have a chance to ask for clarification and confirmation on particular issues during the Workshop. More importantly, contributing journalists have a special chance to present input and recommendations and share thoughts.

  2. Network Creation: the program will connect a number of journalists from Indonesia with an interest in covering issues related with Korea. Joining this program will also allow them to interact with the Korean counterparts through the Visit to Korea at the end term of the program.

  3. Article Production: contributing journalists in this program are obliged to produce an article on a monthly basis for the six consecutive months ranging from economic, politics, culture and people to people aspects. Journalists are highly recommended to write on topics that do not otherwise receive much coverage so far in Indonesia.


SCS: Korea Respects Indonesia’s Stance but Can’t Take Action Against China

Diana Mariska – TheIndonesia (Suaracom) TheIndonesiaid – A scholar has claimed that while the South Korean government fully...

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Membaca Nasib Relasi Korsel-ASEAN di Tangan Presiden Yoon Suk Yeol

Riva Dessthania – CNN Indonesia Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Relasi Korea Selatan dengan ASEAN terus menguat terutama di era...

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